Södermalm, in everyday speech Söder, is a neighborhood located in the inner city of Stockholm.

Up until the Viking Age, Södermalm was an island, which, through the ongoing post-glacial land uplift, grew more and more with its southern periphery.

Some of the more well-known streets and squares on Södermalm are Götgatan, Hornsgatan and Mariatorget.

Today Södermalm is known as the hipster part of Stockholm with a lot of art, music and fashion focus. You will find Fotografiska here, a very popular museum and meeting place.

 Here you can enjoy trendy shopping, cozy cafés, and hip restaurants, as well as relaxing green parks. The area, once known as a slum, is now home to a lot of Stockholm’s vibrant cultural life.

Don't miss the view from Monteliusvägen.

In the district of Södermalm there are 129,452 people (2016) living.