How to work out while on vacation in Stockholm

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How to work out while on vacation in Stockholm
For many, being on vacation means to relax, sleep in in the morning and eat good food. But sometimes you just want to keep your exercise routine going even though you’re far away from your regular gym. While on vacation in Stockholm it’s easy to find fun and new ways to work out.
Open-air gyms
The most budget-friendly way to work out while in Stockholm is to find one of many open-air gyms. The gyms are usually located near parks and are completely free to use for anyone.  Stockholm has close to 60 open-air gyms around the city. Look at this map (in Swedish but can be translated using tool on the site) to find one close to you.
Jog around Stockholm
Another budget-friendly way to exercise in Stockholm is to take a jog around town. It’s not only a great way to work out, it’s also a great way to experience more of the city - and maybe see it in a new light.
If you’re in central Stockholm a great place to jog is on Djurgården. Djurgården offers beautiful nature while still being close to the city. There is a jogging track along the water that’s extra beautiful early in the morning. A jog around the whole island is about 10 km long.
Another popular place to jog is on Kungsholmen. A jog around the whole island is about 9,5 km long. The area is a great mix of city streets, cross-country running, hills and beautiful views over Riddarholmen.


Stockholm offers a lot of beautiful parks to run in and a lot of marked jogging tracks. A list of jogging tracks can be found here (in Swedish but can be translated using tool on the site).
If the weather isn’t right for a scenic run or an open-air gym there are, of course, a lot of regular gyms around Stockholm.
If you want to combine your exercise with a relaxing spa day, Elements spa located in Södermalm in central Stockholm is an excellent option. The spa offers both indoor and outdoor pools, saunas and relaxing treatments for the body and soul. If you’ve entered the spay you also have access to the gym and the Yoga studio. The Yoga studio offers classes daily, and the gym offers modern machines, free weights, treadmills bikes and cross-trainers - and a beautiful view over Eriksdalslunden.
Out of the box - Try climbing
If you want to try something new, climbing is a great form of exercise. At Klätterverket both professional climbers and people trying climbing for the first time can meet for a great time. Klätterverket offers over 1000 square meters of climbing on different levels, as well as bouldering.