Stockholm Archipelago

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Stockholm Archipelago
The Stockholm archipelago is made up of 30 000 islands and is the second biggest archipelago in the Baltic Sea. If you spend a few days in Stockholm, a visit to the Stockholm archipelago is a must. The idyllic islands are perfect to visit during the warmers months. You can relax, go swimming, barbecue, or go islands hopping and explore a few of the thousands of islands Stockholm has to offer.
Stockholm archipelago - a must to visit during the summer
The Stockholm archipelago is a popular place for natives to visit during the summer. During the warmer months, it sometimes feels like most of the population have moved out to the islands to escape the city life for a couple of idyllic weeks by the water. Some islands have bigger communities and harbors, while others are more remote. Some consist only of a rocky stone landscape while others offer more greenery.
How to visit the Stockholm archipelago?
Some of the smaller and more remote islands are hard to visit if you don’t have a boat, but many of the bigger islands you can easily visit with public transport and public ferries.
To most of the bigger islands, you can take a ferry with Waxholmsbolaget. You can buy your ticket on the ferry and pay with cash, card (Visa or MasterCard) or an Access card. Many of the trips to the bigger islands start from central Stockholm.
What to do while visiting the Stockholm archipelago?
If you visit the archipelago during the summer the most popular activity is, of course, to go swimming. You can jump from rocks or sunbathe on the beaches. There are some public bathing areas with a bridge deck and ladders.
You can also rent a bike, and explore one of the bigger islands that way, or you can rent a sea kayak and explore the Stockholm archipelago from the water.
If you visit during the autumn you can search for wild berries and mushrooms.
And if you want to cook your own dinner you can try fishing from the rocks, beaches or from a boat. There are many campsites with barbecue stations where you can cook your fish.
Where to stay?
Many Swedes and Stockholmers own holiday homes in the archipelago. But of course, you don’t have to own your own house on the islands to stay overnight. The bigger islands offer campsites, cottages, hostels, and hotels.
What islands to visit?
There are many islands to choose from in the Stockholm archipelago, and it can be hard to know where to start. Two of our favorites are Vaxholm and Grinda. If you want to relax with comfort, choose Vaxholm. If you want to swim and enjoy the sun, visit Grinda.
Vaxholm is the gateway to the archipelago, and just an hour away from Stockholm city. It’s connected to the mainland by a bridge, but you can of course also take the ferry. Visit the old town and walk along the alleyways, and take a bite at one of the restaurants or visit a cozy café.
Grinda is the place to go if you want to go swimming. The ferry takes about two hours from Stockholm city. The island is well preserved and a paradise if you want to spend a day in the sun and in the water.