The 5 best Instagram spots in Stockholm

Adventure Inspiration
Do it for the gram! It’s not a coincidence Stockholm is nicknamed ”Venice of the North”.
Stockholm is a beautiful city with its islands and the bridges that connect them. Grab your phone or camera and explore the city while capturing Stockholm form its best and most vibrant side.
In the list below we have listed some of the best and most visually stunning Instagram spots in Stockholm that truly captures the soul of the city.
Stortorget in Gamla stan
Stortorget, the main square in Gamla Stan (or the Old Town in English), is one of the most photographed and Instagrammed places in Stockholm. The square is surrounded by colorful houses that captures both the beauty and history of Stockholm. It’s a perfect place for a selfie or an architectural shot.

Stockholm’s subway stations
Even underground Stockholm is beautiful and Instagramable! If you take a trip with Stockholm’s subway system you’ll soon notice that many of Stockholm’s subway stations are filled with beautiful art. Some even say that the Stockholm subway system is one of the world’s longest art exhibits since it is 110 kilometers long!
Every station is unique and filled with murals, statues or other art installations. At Stadion station, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful rainbow in the ceiling, at Tensta station you will meet a colorful display of animals, and at the station Solna Centrum you’ll see a green landscape with a red evening sun setting over the trees. It’s the perfect place to capture urban Stockholm while you’re on your way to your next adventure.

Monteliusvägen is a 400-meter long walking path with a beautiful view over Kungsholmen, City Hall and the Royal Castle. From Monteliusvägen you can capture Stockholm’s beautiful skyline with the water, Lake Mälaren, in the foreground. If you want to experience Stockholms skyline from its best side our suggestion is that you visit Monteliusvägen at sunrise or sunset. You will never forget that view!
The cherry blossom trees at Kungsträdgården
If you look through the Stockholm tag on Instagram during the spring you will most definitely see heaps of pictures of the cherry blossom trees at Kungsträdgården.
During a couple of weeks in the spring, the northern end of the park Kungsträdgården in central Stockholm is filled with blooming cherry blossom trees. The pink flowers make the perfect background of any picture and capture the duality of Stockholm - vibrant city life surrounded by beautiful nature.
The City Library in Stockholm
Stockholm’s biggest library, the City Library, is an architectural wonder. The library was created by the architect Gunnar Asplund and it is listed as one of the most beautiful libraries in the world - and we understand why. A long beautiful staircase takes you up to the grand building. The entrance makes a perfect spot for photos, but don’t forget to go inside. The library is filled with books from floor to ceiling with intricate staircases and spectacular lighting.