Smoking in Stockholm and Sweden


Smoking in Sweden

On July 1 this year it became illegal to smoke in certain public outdoor areas in Sweden. When visiting from abroad it can be tricky to figure out where you’re allowed to smoke or not when in Stockholm, or any other Swedish city.
We have collected all the information you need on Sweden’s new smoking ban, and where you’re allowed to, and not allowed to, smoke in Sweden.

Its not allowed to smoke at outdoor areas of bars and restaurants
Since 2005 smoking has been banned indoors in all restaurants and bars in Sweden. This year the country took the ban a step further and introduced new laws that limit smoking in a lot of outdoor public places. Smoking is now not permitted at playgrounds, bus stops, train platforms, railway stations, taxi zones, sports centers and arenas, and outdoor areas of bars and restaurants. It’s also not allowed to smoke outside the entry of public buildings like restaurants, bars, shops, and hospitals. The ban also includes e-cigarettes.
Sweden - Smoke-free by 2025
Sweden’s Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, has set a goal for Sweden to be smoke-free by 2025, and the new ban is a step further to reach that goal. Smoking actually has gone down in Sweden in the last decade. Only about 11 % of the Swedish population smokes daily.
The new ban not only exists to cut down on smoking in general, but it’s also a way to make outdoor areas easier to access for people that are sensitive to smoke, like young children or people with allergies.

Its still allowed to smoke in Sweden - but be aware of your surroundings
You can of course still smoke in Sweden, but you have to be observant of where you are. Some restaurants and other establishments have designed specific smoking areas that are separated from the rest of the guests (similar to the smoking zones at airports). These areas are just for smoking and you can’t bring food or drink.
What happens if you smoke where it’s not allowed?
If you do smoke where you’re not allowed to the person responsible for the area can ask you to put out your cigarette. If you don’t put the cigarette out, you can be asked to leave immediately. If you don’t leave, it’s trespassing and you can get fined.