Top 10 free things to do in Stockholm

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Top 10 Things to do for Free in Stockholm

Stockholm has a reputation for being expensive, especially during the high season during the summer months. But you can of course experience Stockholm on any budget, and many of the cities most memorable and exciting experiences and activities are completely free.

Here are our 10 best completely free things to do in Stockholm.
Find a great view - Monteliusvägen
If you want to experience the most of Stockholm you have to get a great view of the beautiful city. The hills of Södermalm will provide you with a great viewpoint over the water and beautiful Gamla stan. Monteliusvägen, a scenic pathway on the hills by lake Mälaren, will give you a panoramic view of Stockholm. Read more here
Another great place to visit if you’re looking for a great view is Skinnarviksberget. Skinnarviksberget is the highest point in central Stockholm and a popular place to visit for picnics and hangouts. From the top, you can see Kungsholmen, Gamla Stan and the Town Hall.
Gamla stan
Gamla stan, or Old Town in English, is one of Stockholm’s most visited districts. Gamla stan is known for its beautiful old townhouses, cozy alleys with cobbler stone streets, and Stortorget, Stockholm’s oldest square. Read our full guide here

The Royal Palace and the Changing of the Guard
In Gamla stan, you’ll also find the Royal Palace. On the royal courtyard, you can witness the Changing of the Guard, the ultimate Royal Palace experience. At 12:15 pm Monday through Saturday, and one hour later on Sundays, members of the Swedish military will hold a 40 minutes ceremony, here is a link to the event

The Royal Armoury
In the cellar of the Royal Palace, you’ll find the Royal Armoury, or Livrustkammaren in Swedish. At the Royal Armoury, beautiful costumes and uniforms from Swedish history are on display. In the children’s room children can try on dresses and knight costumes.

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Stockholms Stadsbibliotek
One of Stockholm’s most beautiful buildings is the public library, Stadsbiblioteket. The library is Sweden’s largest and filled with almost half a million books. The famous architect Gunnar Asplund is the mastermind behind the prestigious building.
Moderna Museet
At the island Skeppsholmen you’ll find Moderna Museet, a contemporary art museum. The museum’s permanent exhibition is free to visit. The exhibition shows contemporary art from both Sweden and internationally.
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Free Walking Tours
If you want to know more about Stockholm and the history of the city you can take a free guided walking tour. The tour takes around an hour and a half to two hours and you will walk about two kilometers. The guided tour is available in English, Spanish, German and Italian. You don’t have to book in advance, just show up at the meeting point outside the subway station Gamla stan. Check the website for tour schedules every day.

Vita Bergen
One of Stockholm’s most beautiful parks is Vita Bergen, or Vitabergsparken. The park is located on Södermalm with a great view over the district. The park is filled with 19th-century buildings and a perfect place for a picnic during spring and summer.

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Outdoor gyms
If you want to work out while in Stockholm a perfect way is to use one of the over sixty free outdoor gyms placed around the city. At these gyms, anyone is welcome to work out and enjoy the fresh air of the city. Read our guide on how to work out in Stockholm here

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